What people say about my services.

As an Entrepreneur it is imperative that you surround yourself with quality resource people who can handle the things you are not comfortable with and Rambo Ruiz is that guy with regards to Web Development. He is easy to work with, responsive and best of all “Gets it Done” !!! I would definitely recommend him to others and will continue to use him for all of our Web based projects.

Joe Berardy

Business Coach / Entrepreneur, DBI Hawaii

I am grateful to have found such a responsive and excellent web developer like Rambo Ruiz. Since the beginning of the website-building session, I saw how my ideas and thoughts on how the website will look like can be brought to my screen. With his excellent ideas and service, I can now just fully concentrate on what I love to do most – writing and blogging.

T.L. Thornes

Author, Subway Teeth Series

Rambo was excellent at translating what I needed and my vision for my website. He is very prompt in replying and attentive. I will use him again for my ongoing website needs.
Deborah Neese

Virtual Landscapes and Services

I had a great experience with Rambo! He’s a pro through and through. Though far away, Rambo made himself very accessible from the beginning to end – contacting and getting responses from him felt so effortless. Sometimes I’d send him a question at 2pm USA time (2am where he is), thinking he’d see it when he woke up the next morning, but nope, next thing I know he’s working on my request while asking me how my day is via facebook. Who doesn’t love that? Rambo’s also very proactive – he’d send me gentle reminders to keep me on track with my responsibilities, such as providing him content and details on how I want certain parts to look. If it were up to me, my site would not have been completed by now. On the talent side, I have every confidence that Rambo will be able to help you build a website that suits your vision. If you’re not sure what your vision is, like I did, you’re in luck, he’s also full of excellent ideas!

Hire Rambo, you won’t regret it!

Kim Lesato

Lawyer-Linguist, Vietnamese Translation Now

Rambo and his staff are absolutely indispensable to my business! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without them. I have used other outsourcers before and can honestly say, this group is head and shoulders above the rest. Not only are they fast and dependable, but they know SEO and Internet Marketing, so you don’t have to waste your time explaining basic stuff to them. Bo has even brought ideas to me that I never even would have thought of. If you have any doubts about whether or not you should hire Rambo, email me at hansen.adam11@gmail.com and I’ll tell you why it’s the smartest thing you can do for your business!
Adam Hansen

Baby Stroller Reviews

Rambo is such a godsend to a busy health coach like myself. Lost in the technical aspects of my on-line programs, Rambo really helped me to creatively come up with solutions to my ever evolving business. He’s professional, creative, and really listens to exactly what I need and promptly finds an answer. He’s an asset to me and I’m grateful to have him working with me
Natalie Dick

Owner, THRIVE Holistic Coaching

I feel so fortunate to have found Rambo early on in the start-up of my business.  He’s been amazing to work with.  The quality of his work is fantastic, his turn-around time is awesome, and his work reflects that he’s completely dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction.  Plus, he’s a super nice guy and just great to work with.  As a solopreneur, there’s no way I could get it all done without him.  I was nervous about hiring a VA, but hiring Rambo is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business.  I highly recommend him! It’s so fun to wake up in the morning and check my email to see what he has done — it’s kind of like Christmas morning!

Valerie Roper

Wellness Coach

Rambo did such a great job and continues doing a great job on my website. Not only is he so easy to work with, but he responds quickly to my requests and has very reasonable pricing. Having a good website is crucial to growing any business whether it’s online or a store front and Rambo is the guy you’ll want to use for it’s design and maintenance. I recommend him to all my friends and family and will continue to recommend him highly.

Julie Craypo

Owner, Whimzical Woods

Rambo Ruiz is a fantastic example of a hard working man who is fluent in his English skills beyond what he even admits to. I have recently worked with him to produce my new website that will be going live soon (watch this space). His Personal Service is beyond reproach, his prices are competitive and he is able to produce a website that will be exactly what YOU want! He may be based in the Philippines, but is able to provide truly Global business solutions. Look at his site, email him, chat to him! Rambo – ‘You da man’!

Graham Cheetham

Divinyl Design

Rambo Ruiz is absolutely marvelous!  He is very professional and thorough. His number one priority was for me as his client to be completely satisfied.  I would definitely recommend his services to you.

Pedro Ramirez

Cielo Productions

Rambo Ruiz is absolutely marvelous!  He is very professional and thorough. His number one priority was for me as his client to be completely satisfied.  I would definitely recommend his services to you.

Pedro Ramirez

Cielo Productions

Although my initial project didn’t quite work out with Rambo, he had extreme integrity and provided a partial refund. He was always 100% open in communication and never avoided me throughout the process (as we had some disagreement on statement of work). He was quick to provide a refund.  I would absolutely do business with Rambo again, knowing that he is someone I can trust.  It’s hard to find people like Rambo in this business, and I’m glad I did.  I’ll certainly be doing more business with him in the future.

Bobby Pham

Internet Marketer

Rambo Ruiz made my dream blog come to life with his professional designing skills. I am greatly impressed with his knowledge and his patience to help meet my satisfaction and a myriad of favors to make sure perfection was achieved. He is extremely friendly, and even after business was complete, continues to check up on how I’m doing with the blog! He was more than helpful with spreading the word about our new website and I’m more than grateful for his help! My sister and I can now share our wonderful travels and love for fashion with the world in our own unique way! Thanks you so much!

Israa Odeh

Theory Wanderlust

Rambo did a great job on my website. I found working with Rambo and his team super easy. In fact they were on top of me for material to keep the job a speedy one. Thanks so much, once again

Shara Downey

Gro Your Health Biz

It has been a pleasure working with Rambo Ruiz. He plans, suggests and delivers. I will not hesitate recommending anyone to him, He is proactive and a good listener. It was pleasant dealing with him.

Edward Ilunga

Property & Casualty Specialist, MountEverest Insurance, Canada

I was quite impressed at the organizational and professional skills of Rambo Ruiz. He increased my understanding on what I should be able to expect from an overseas assistant. His high English skills enables you to be able to communicate with him with less frustration saving you both time and your hair. I highly suggest using Rambo and his team for your virtual needs. He will make your life easier.
Kenneth Shupe

Rambo is a great guy, he knows WordPress well and can figure things out of the box. I highly recommend and hope to work more with him in the future.

David Garnish

Garnish Musical Production School, UK

It has been my pleasure to work with Rambo on several projects. He offers impeccable customer service, and a willingness to go above and beyond normal expectations. In today’s competitive business world, availability is just as important as skill, and Rambo does a great job. I plan on continuing my business relationship with him, well into the future.
Brent Hansen

Co-Founder, Stratus Pros Unlimited

I’ve got an amazing web designer. Rambo goes above and beyond what you ask him to do. He is trustworthy. Despite of my busy schedule from work, he is so willing to patiently help me finish my website project. I would recommend him if you need to create a website for your business.

Glenn Capeding

GHC-QB Consulting,