Website Development Process

Asking how much is a website is like asking ‘how much is a house’. No website is made exactly the same. To give you an idea of what is normally involved in the ‘website development process here is a quick tour of how things will work if you decide to hire me to develop you a website.

1. Say ‘Hello’ to me using this contact form

This is so I have the initial ideas of what you want for your website. I will get back to you (email/phone/Skype/Face-time) as soon as possible, no later than 16 hours, to ask for further questions when needed. This will better help me identify how I can best help you.

2. I will send you a Quote

Based on our discussion I will provide you a quote clearing important details such as deliverable, time frames and costs. Note: my Web Design service starts with $1,200 (USD)

3. Payment deposit + contents

I normally ask for 50% of the total cost of the project as an advance pay. You should also send me the necessary contents for each of the pages (and products if it’s an e-commerce website). You can use Paypal for a safer transaction.

4. Website design phase

Assuming that you are satisfied with the quote and want to proceed. Some designers produce mock ups in a .jpg format but I will proceed with designing a mock up using a live website that is hidden from search engines and the public. This is far better as you will see how the website will look upfront. This process will take about a week. and I’m usually in touch with you during this stage for few questions and feedback on ideas that may arise.

5. Website development and testing phase

After you approved the mock up, I will test it on various browsers and devices to ensure it displays properly and everything works smoothly. This process takes about one to two weeks. You will be able to view your live website on your domain while not visible to the public.

6. Launch day – you are online!

Once you are happy, I will send thru the final invoice for payment before making the site live to the public. You’re online!

7. Training and support

For you to “own” your website I will walk you through it. I will also allot up to two hours to do it live with you through Skype video call.