Why Should You Be Blogging

Since 2010 I've been hearing from internet marketers to start a blog. I am not a writer and for years I dodged this advice. But the more time I spend running a website design business the more I see its importance. If you are running a business that is...

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Where to Find High Quality Images for Free

In both literal and figurative sense, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can, of course, always buy stock photos for affordable prices. But why buy when you can get the same high quality images for free? Here’s a list of sites where you can get them for your personal or even commercial use.

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How I Get Website Design Clients for Free

As a business owner, marketing should be at the top of your every day hustle next to being the best in what you do. Serial entrepreneurs know how essential marketing is that they spend tons of money advertising their businesses. Here’s a list of how I get website design clients without spending a single penny.

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How Much is a Website?

All websites are unique as all businesses should be. So when asking how much is a website? you will likely get different responses from different developers. However, to give you an idea of how much money you have to shell out, here are some factors you have to...

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How to Download Images from a Shared Google Docs

I occasionally have clients asking me to use images on their websites that they pasted on Google Docs. Instead of bugging them to re-upload the images on Google Drive or DropBox, here are simple steps to download those images.

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