5 Possible Reasons Why People Don’t Stay on Your Website

Aug 31, 2018

As any wise entrepreneur would do, you put your business online and made a good looking website. You published great contents on it. Your photos are professional. Your over-all service and product packaging are appealing. But despite all of these, why do visitors check out immediately?

Here are 5 possible reasons why people don’t stay on your website:

1. Slow-Loading

People have short attention span. According to Microsoft, goldfish focuses better than us. On an average, we only have eight (8) seconds to spare when scanning through a website. So a sluggish website will fail to capture the potential customers’ attention. Hitting that back arrow or ‘x’ button will be more appealing.

There are three quick tricks to achieve this:

  • First is by limiting the size of the images you upload on your website. There are numbers of online tools for image compression that are free, like tinypng.com. It can reduce your image sizes dramatically without losing quality.
  • Second is by minimizing your CSS files. Extra spaces in your stylesheets increase file size. Fast Velocity Minify is a free good WordPress plugin that you could try.
  • Third, delete unused Themes and Plugins from off your WordPress website. To delete an unused plugin, go to PLUGIN  on your DASHBOARD, deactivate it. Then can go to your inactive plugins list and delete the ones you no longer are using. To remove unwanted themes, simply go to APPEARANCE > THEMES and delete the ones no longer in use.

2. Outdated Contents

It’s nothing new that these days people are interested with the latest of everything – the latest phone, the latest app, and the latest fashion style. If visitors see outdated news or posts, they may assume that you are no longer active in your business.They will likely not trust you and what you are offering.

Publishing updated and quality contents will add to your “authority” over your niche or topic which will result in people trusting that you know what you are doing.

  • You can start with the design or look of your website. Evolve to what is trending. As of today, flat design is most acceptable.
  • Publishing blog posts on a regular basis will also help. But if you do not have time you can always hire a Virtual Assistant to write you articles.
  • Add videos and images to keep people’s attention to what they are consuming on your website.

3. Ads are Cluttering your Website

Yes it costs a serious amount of moolah to create and maintain a website, and bloggers would normally try to make a ROI by running advertisements. However, if you bombard your site visitors with too many ads, they will likely get annoyed and think that you’re just spamming them. I cannot recall an instance when someone told me how much he loves the ads that distract him from reading the website content

Go get some cleaning done. Take off those ads that aren’t really necessary OR place them some place else. I recommend that you pay close attention to the pop-up ads, they are the most annoying ones.

4. It’s Complicated

Good looking website just won’t cut it. If it’s hard for visitors to find what they are looking for, they will simply leave. People want things to be simple and convenient. Your website visitors want to get information and buy products with just few clicks. So give it to them.

Begin with the end in mind. Decide what actions you want your website visitors to take once they are on it. Is it clear? Are the buttons visible? Navigate through your site as if you are a visitor and work your design from that perspective.

5. Not Mobile Device Responsive

Phones have taken the center-stage. Consumers are now shifting to mobile devices to perform almost all their transactions. According to Similar Web, about 56 percent of the consumer traffic in top U.S. websites came from mobile devices. Do the numbers and you already know how much you are missing if your website is not mobile device responsive.

Visit this free responsive checker tool and paste your website’s address to check how your website respond to different devices.

Good Start

There are more possible reasons why people don’t stay on your website. These five right here should be a good start. Apply these tips, and make your website visitors stick a little longer so they can take the actions you want them to take – turn them from visitors to customers.

I’d be thrilled if you could share a few more to this list, so share them in the comment section below.

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