Biggest Companies and Names that Use WordPress – 2017

Apr 14, 2017

If you’ve dabbled in blogs before, it’s doubtless you’ve heard of WordPress. It remains one of the most powerful blogging platforms of all, while remaining extremely accessible, even to newbies, due to its free option. Its unrivaled ease of use, amazing extensibility, scalability, and the possibility of using it as a turnkey solution makes it ideal not only for those who are just beginning their blogging journey but also for those who are already seasoned professionals in the business.

To prove the latter point, here are some of the biggest companies that use WordPress to power their websites and blogs.

  • Facebook. The social media giant is worthy of being on top of the list. Facebook’s media and newsroom is using WordPress to update their audience about company’s updates, product releases and algorithm changes.
  • TechCrunch. One of the trusted names in bringing technology news, TechCrunch is also known for covering business news — from new tech startups to big-name firms. The site is owned by Internet giant AOL, and features all the trappings including newsletter subscription, an online shop, and more.
  • SONY. The tech juggernaut uses WordPress as the base of its core website, making use of WordPress’s innate ability to process data into something easily understandable. Plus, the platform also allows for complete data integrity due to its security features. This means no one else will be accessing the data published through a WordPress site except those with legit access.

  • Best Buy. This is one of the largest retailers of consumer electronics in the US, and has more than 1,000 store blogs — all of which are powered by WordPress. The company rakes in an annual revenue of around $40B, yet still trusts the powerful free platform to help aggregate the data from all their sites.
  • Sites.USA.Gov. WordPress allows its users to easily produce new content via a very simple publication process. This is leveraged by even government players, such as Sites.USA.Gov. The latter is a service that allows the different government agencies to use a pre-made infrastructure for their websites, thereby allowing them to focus instead on creating content that is useful to the community.
  • Harvard Gazette. If it’s good enough for the government and big businesses, it’s good enough for the academe. The Harvard Gazette uses WordPress not only to easily publish content written by multiple authors, but also to reach more people at once. WordPress themes allow for a responsive design, making the site accessible on mobile devices without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • IGN. The blogging platform does not only allow users to publish text posts, but also photos, videos, and any other media with equal ease. This is proven by IGN’s use of WordPress to deliver its gaming and entertainment-based news. The San Francisco company not only has a lot of dynamic media on its site, it is also also available in two dozen different languages.
  • The Rolling Stone. Aside from The Rolling Stone, even celebrities themselves (Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and athletes like Usain Bolt) use WordPress for their official sites. They use WordPress’ themes to highlight the best of the best in the content, and to make the beautiful stand out.

This is just a small fraction of the big names that use WordPress to reach the world with their content. Other players include Coca-Cola, Walt Disney, Variety, Time, and dozens more. While the platform has had its own share of badmouthers, the presence of these WordPress-driven sites and services just proves its unique position as the engine that keeps a huge part of the Internet running.

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