Blog Commenting to Build Links and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Jul 5, 2013

Blogging is an awesome way to connect to the world specially to your target readers. Even giant corporations know how important blogging is as part of their marketing. It kinda give their consumers the feel that there are “real people” behind their websites. Gone were the days when websites are just bunch of online flyers and colorful online brochures. Socializing is in our veins as humans and blogging is how we do it online (aside from social networking sites of course).

And to make the “socializing” complete we all want to raise our voice so others can know what our opinions are, just like in a normal conversation, right? To do this we comment on blog posts and share the post’s link with our friends. This commenting on blogs has actually more benefit than just sharing your opinions. For the blog owner a comment on his blog from a visitor means that his work was worth it, he at least managed to make people think about the issue he raised. Now if you are the one who are leaving a comment on a blog you can actually use the blog’s popularity to drive traffic to your own website or blog too.

Leaving sensible, relevant comments on other blogs help establish your expertise, expand your readership, and who knows.. land to a project. It’s also good for search engine optimization since another link that points to your website has just been published. To do this effectively watch how it is done in the video below:

For a comprehensive blog commenting tips for building back links to your website check an article written by Nick Stamoulis of SocialMediaToday dot com here: 5 Blog Commenting Tips for Link Building
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