Business and Life Principles Learned from GDaysManila

May 28, 2014

Thanks to my online friend Rochefel of Professional VA, I was introduced to the GBG event that was held last May 24 at the Tenth in Alpha Land Mall in Makati. GBG (Google Business Group) is sponsored by the giant search engine Google. It was known formerly as Women on the Web; it’s a community of people who educates startups on taking their businesses to the next level using Google products.

I recommend you check out when and where the next GBG event will take place by clicking here.

#GDaysManila is a free event and so as their other events around the world. Last Saturday was my first glimpse of this amazing community. With its set of speakers and the free miryendas; spaghetti and cupcakes, GDaysManila must have left its attendees craving for their future events. Well, at least that’s what happened to me.

Business and Life Principles to Take Home

I went home with a mind filled with new ideas on how to better my business and my life in general. Here are some lessons I’ve learned that I think are worth sharing.

Be Prepared & Take Risk

Ivorie of Cookie Bar Manila taught the importance of sharpening one’s saw before engaging in a business. She knows that her love for cookies is not enough for her to start a business journey; she studied everything she needs to know about cookies and baking. The young business woman also shared her wonderful story of how she took the risk to pursue her passion. Her courage to leave her promising career as a pre-school teacher and bake cookies full time is truly inspiring.

Ivorie’s optimism is contagious.

Evangelist or Engineer

Another inspiring speaker was Herald Uy, a successful businessman, and one of the Managers of GBG. He said there were only two kinds of people for him when it comes to business – Evangelists and Engineers. He went on to say that an evangelist educates while an engineer builds. You have to figure out what type of businessman you are and then partner with someone you are not.

Business Principles

The GBG manager also shared his ABCDE of Business, with F as a bonus.

A – Attitude first, then Ability

It doesn’t matter if you are the best web designer as your website says if you don’t have the right attitude then you’re in the pitfall of becoming a useless web designer of all. Having the right attitude means showing up on the time you said you would show up, it means you are true and honest in all your dealings may it be in business or personal affairs. It means you take to heart your assignments and agreements with clients.

B – Believing is half the Battle

Business deals are made when two (or more) parties agreed on a product or service being sold. You must first believe in what you are selling before you offer it to others.

C – Consistency is the Only Way to Win Deals

If you want to be in shape and be the macho-man, your wife wants you to be then your way of exercising for one week straight and eating all-you-can the next week will just not work. The same goes with running a business you need to be consistent with your efforts. Even more important, be consistent in improving.

D – Dynamism means Today, not Tomorrow

Don’t procrastinate, if a client asked for a quote today send it to him tonight not late night nor tomorrow. Arm yourself with the right ability (and tools) to make things happen right away.

E – Evangelize

If you want to sell you must preach and tell your “story”. Seth Godin once said, “Marketing is storytelling”. Selling is science, it follows certain procedures to make a sale, evangelism, on the other hand, is an art. If you made people believe your story and buy it, that’s art!

F – Fun

Herald Uy said that F stands for Fun. Are you having fun with what you are doing? If not then why on earth are you still doing it?

That wraps all the principles I’ve learned from the event. I for sure had already committed myself to applying these principles long before that day. But still, thanks to G Days Manila meeting those inspiring people in person and hearing their stories live has added to my commitment to bettering my life.

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