Five common Twitter mistakes you should avoid – Specially number #3

Mar 4, 2014

It was just in 2012 that I realized how important Twitter is when it comes to marketing online. Being a website designer and frustrated blogger Twitter is an awesome tool in driving traffic to my latest work and blog post. This limited-to-140-characters social networking site is also an avenue for my online musings. And for months and months of using Twitter I have made some mistakes and I noticed that others are committing the same mistakes too.

Here are five common Twitter mistakes you should avoid:

  1. Too much advertising and selling. I often preach that the people on Social networking sites are around to “socialize” and not shop, if shopping is their reason then they must have just go to eBay or Amazon. Your Twitter contacts are not all interested in your sales pitch. If you continue promoting your product you will be ignored or worst, get “un-followed”.
  2. Tweet.. and forget. A lot of Twitter users are like this; they log in and tweet then log out. Stop it, you are robbing yourself with your precious time, you are losing the opportunity to build relationship by participating in conversations.
  3. It’s all about you. The sad part of the social media era is that everyone wants to talk about themselves, how they feel, what they eat, what they think and only few really listens. Though Twitter is an online platform, keep in mind that its users are humans, just like you. Care to checkout what your followers are up to. Converse with them through direct messages and exchange of tweets.
  4. Being too serious. Twitter is meant to be fun and casual – take off your working hat and crack some jokes every now and then. Share stuff about your passions. As mentioned in #3 Twitter users are humans and so are you, show the human behind your username. Let your followers get to know you.
  5. Not knowing the line between business and personal. With all your “human” posts, don’t go too far. Remember that the very purpose of your Twitter presence is to reflect your business. Harsh jokes and offensive statements will never make you look any good – so be cautious. Think before you tweet.

The little blue bird is here to stay for the next ten more years as experts reported. So enjoy the benefits of Twitter while it lasts and start building your brand with it by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes.

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