Facebook Page had a Facelift

Mar 14, 2014

Have you seen the Facebook page’s latest look yet. Yes, it has happened again, the giant social media site made a face lift that will surely affect your brand’s page. If we’ll talk about its look, I must say that I like it. Time for a change eh? It’s a lot sleeker, sharper and cleaner. But what benefits does this new look gives us?

Facebook page

This is how the old Facebook page looks

Admin Insights

It seems that the HOME PAGE is divided into three section. The right section is very visible and has a simpler navigation. The ads performance together with the page LIKES, post reach and notification are right in front your eyes now and are just waiting for you to click them. It looks a lot more organized than its predecessor. For those who are using the Facebook page for business, this can be cool since they can easily access the analytics for the reports.

Shuffling Stuff Around

The column on the right now shows your posts and news update unlike the old version which shows them on the left. Maybe it’s meant to enhance the user experience but I’ll give it a thumbs down. Since we are used to seeing FEED UPDATES on the left side and the RECENT POST BY OTHERS on the right, this part of the shuffling Facebook made might leave us a little unsettled until our eyes get comfortable with it.

The column on the left now shows your FRIENDS at the top and the ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS section dropped just below it. This is not good I think for business pages since we want our visitors to be able to understand our business first BEFORE anything else. The map works perfectly fine for me.

The ol’ Tabs

Tab thumbnails are now gone. You can access it by clicking on the MORE tab. This made the Facebook page looks more like a website now, is it good? I don’t think so. According to studies, most people DO NOT check to see what’s up with the other “pages” of a Facebook page, all people want to see are the POSTs. You being a brand, I guess, doesn’t want the new fronting tabs to promote your offers and specials.

Overall, like anything that is new, it will take a little while for us to get used to Facebook’s latest move. What do you think of Facebook page’s new look and feel? Do share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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