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Apr 20, 2017

Imagine building a website like building a house or a car using Lego pieces. With your creativity as the only limit to what you can do on a web page, all you have to do is put the right pieces together and you have a beautiful WordPress website.

This is what Elegant Theme’s Divi specializes in. Taking the WYSIWYG concept to the next level, Divi is jam-packed with user-friendly options.

1. Designing

Most WordPress themes are extremely limited in the way they allow you to present content. Preset text areas and elements can constrict your creativity, also limiting how you present your site.

In contrary, Divi focuses on giving you freedom to mold your site’s layout and style. Armed with modules and drag-and-drop features for adjusting margins and borders, instead of doing it on the Style.css, is a total freedom for any WordPress users. You can space each part of your site appropriately to create maximum visual impact. Fonts are also infinitely customizable, allowing you to change the font type, color, size, and even the space between lines. And you can all do these without going to your WordPress dashboard. Yes you can do all these right on the live web page. It’s literally like painting a masterpiece where the canvas is right in front of you. Of course, knowing a bit of CSS can take your design to new heights.


Unlike traditional themes that often cater to only one type of site (blog, eCommerce, etc.) Divi has them all plus a lot more. It contains a total of 47 modules that allow you to build whatever content you need. From pricing tables to buttons, from in-page tabs to audio players, maps to Call to Actions, email sign up forms to countdown timers, Divi got you covered. There are also global elements that only need to be updated once to get a consistent look across all pages in your site.

2. Fast Loading

Most other themes take your input then render your changes after loading it separately. While the wait time is short, it can be a nuisance especially for those experimenting on a new look for the site’s elements.

Divi solves this issue by rendering your changes in real-time, so you can immediately see how your site will look like after you publish it. The entire theme builder has an almost zero loading time, letting you spend your time on the things that matter.

3. Pre-Made Layouts

Of course, if you want to just put your site live quick, Divi gives you incredible options with more than twenty pre-made layouts that come with it. All you have to do is choose which one you want to start with. Some pre-made templates available are:

  • Homepage basic
  • Homepage shop
  • Page fullwidth
  • Landing pages
  • Coming Soon
  • About pages
  • and much more

4. Divi Membership Perks

Getting Divi also entitles you to an Elegant Themes membership which allows you access to under a hundred themes with numerous plugins – Bloom for email opt-in and Monarch for social sharing are some notable ones. If you’re not in the mood to customize, just plug one of these in and you’re good to go.

All these features make Divi ideal for both beginners and pros. There’s no shortage on basic features too, such as support for responsive sites and import-export feature for your layouts. All that’s missing is the content — Divi handles everything else!

5. Support and Community

Since its launch, Divi has gain thousands of users across the world. These people gather together through meetups and WordCamps to learn from each other tips and tricks on how to harness the power of Divi. There’s quite a number of Facebook groups too where you can join to ask questions about Divi and anything WordPress related.

Here are the top 4 Facebook groups that I highly recommend:

  1. Elegant Themes User Community
  2. Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share
  3. Divi Theme Users
  4. Divi Theme Tutorials

With all its features and the mass amount of support available from around the world, you can never go wrong in building your website using WordPress. Now with Divi, you will be able to create any type of website a lot faster and more beautiful. See some live websites I’ve built using Divi, click here.

Divi WordPress Theme
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