Why hire virtual assistant from the Philippines

Mar 5, 2014

Hiring a Virtual Assistant to help online businesses grow is the trend that is going on these days. Thanks to Tim Ferris’s book titled The Four Hour Work Week. Hiring a VA helps a business man leverage and save his time. Time that can be spend with other important matters like finding more clients, strengthening business relationship or taking vacations with family.

Finding a VA is not hard, just do a Google search and dozens of VA services and portfolios will appear right in front of you. The challenge, however, is in choosing the right VA that suits your needs and the one that your budget can afford, after all, one reason you want to hire a VA is to save money anyway. There are many VA from different countries out there that offer good quality services online. But if you are looking for a loyal, honest, hard working, organize, with initiative (always do the extra mile and smile), can write and speak english well, and of course affordable, then consider hiring Virtual Assistants from the Philippines.

The Philippines is rich in traditions and cultures that blends with most of the western countries specially the US. It had been colonized by the Americans for years, making the Filipinos kind of an extension of the west. The government, the technology, fashion, music and the way of life has been adapted by the Philippine people from the westerners. English is like the second language, it is being taught in school since first grade.

One big advantage of hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines that you should really consider is that they are loyal. Though there are many entrepreneurs in this side of Asia, most Filipinos prefer to be employed. They love working, and if you are from the west, they will sure love to be hired by you. It kind of give them pride to say that their bosses are from the US or UK or Canada or Australia, it’s a culture.

Some things to keep in mind to better work with a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

  • Filipinos are typically shy. There are those who doesn’t ask questions, so be the first to open a conversation, make them feel comfortable conversing with you. Be generous in using smileys when chatting, this sends a signal to them that you are happy and that you are open to their suggestions. You will be surprised how much they can contribute to you.
  • Filipinos are very good in comprehension, once they understand what you want done, it will be done accordingly. In giving instructions, just as giving it to anyone, do it clearly by giving an A,B,C-kind-of guide. Use videos and snap shots whenever possible. Use softwares like Jing or SnagIt or anything alike.
  • Filipino Virtual Assistants love feedback. As stated above, they will do anything to please their bosses. So send a word or two either through email or chat to let your VA know how you feel about his work. Be blunt when you do not like some results but never ever throw the “F” word or anything offensive. Who wants it anyway.
  • Filipinos love prizes. This is not necessary but if your budget permits, adding a little extra $$ to the negotiated compensation will make your relationship lasts longer. If you had been or planning to work with your Filipino VA in a long term, it will be good to put in your reminder the 13th month pay. It is a law in the Philippines that basically means paying your employee an extra month of paycheck at the end of the year. Filipinos are shy, they will probably not tell you about it but they will be expecting it. If you do not have any plan of giving it, tell it to your VA as early as your first meeting.
  • Filipinos are human. Yes obviously they are but not every outsourcers know that. They are not robots or just “cheap labors”. Ask about their life, their families, their worries and cares. Spend a minute or two at least in a month to talk about these things. Vise versa tell them stuff about you as well.

With these things in mind you are now ready to hire a VA from the Philippines. You can send me an email or click here if you want to know more about hiring a VA to help you in growing your business.

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