How to Find a Virtual Assistant you can Trust

Mar 12, 2014

If the idea of hiring a Virtual Assistant is new to you then the question of how to find the right VA that you can trust is a topic worth discussing. Of course knowing that in the future tasks you will share important (and sometimes sensitive) information about your business to your chosen VA.

Disclaimer: I am not sure if there is a standard rule when it comes to choosing a VA to hire. I can only speak from my experience as a Virtual Assistant my self for almost four years now. Also some of my tips here are ideas I’ve learned from my previous clients, who I now consider friends.

I used the word “friend” because that’s just how our relationships ended. With the information they have given me and the trust I felt from them I learned how to trust them as well. Aside from the normal tasks and assignments I had the opportunity to exchange personal experiences with all of them.

Let’s get to it! Finding a Virtual Assistant you can Trust

  1. Interview your prospect VA – Do it through Skype or Face-time or other alike method you know. If possible do a video call so you can see each other. Aside from knowing how your potential VA looks like, doing this will give you the “feel” of who you are dealing with. You will more likely tell if a person is lying or being true to you through a face to face conversation.
  2. Be personal with your interview – Don’t just ask about the VA’s skills and work experiences in the field, you can probably start by asking him about his family, what he’s afraid of, what he wants to achieve, talk about life in general. And occasionally, when you feel like sharing the same thing, say it. This process will make both of you feel comfortable with each other. The door of honesty will gradually and widely be open.
  3.  Ask for the VA’s portfolio and social media addresses – On your VA’s portfolio look for old works and past experiences. If possible make it a personal hiring standard to only entertain those with testimonials on their portfolio or reference people whom you can contact and ask personally. Why ask for the VA’s social media accounts? Aside from your personal questions during the interview you will surely get o know your VA a little bit more by simply taking a peak on his Facebook wall and Twits. 
  4. Test your VA – Before blurting out the words “you’re hired” send your prospect VA with test task(s) so you know what he’s capable of and willing to do for you. Don’t rush in sharing very important business information. Have your VA work for you for days or months or maybe a year or two before doing so or until you completely feel you can trust your him.

I know these tips will not really tell you what their past records are (criminal records) but at least you get to know the person in some degree before really trusting him/her as your personal VA.

As for me and my team of Virtual Assistants, we invite you to see for yourself what our satisfied clients has to say about us. Please feel free to click here.

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