How to Remove Extra Number on WordPress URL

May 6, 2015


I have a Virtual Assistant friend who asked me how she could get rid of the extra number at the end of her client’s WordPress URL. And so I came up of with this blog post and produced a video tutorial on how to solve this issue.

WordPress by default uses post ID numbers instead of texts in the URL that is very bad as far as SEO is a concern. What’s even worst is sometimes WordPress automatically add a -2 at the end of the URL which is very ugly to look at.

There are two possible reasons why this is happening. One is because the newly created page has already existed, or a file with the same name as the newly created page is uploaded on the website.


A. Locate the original page both on published and drafts folders, delete it, and then go to trash folder to permanently delete it. Go back to the new page you are working on and edit the URL. See the video below.

B. See if another page with the same name as the one you are currently working on is already existing both on published and drafts folder, if found, then you don’t have to create a new one

C. Check all the uploaded files in your media library, once you found the file with the same name as your new page, delete it and remove it from the trash folder as well. If you need the file on the website, simply rename it and upload it again.

So, that’s how you remove those extra numbers on your WordPress URL. I hope this helps. If it does, please share it with everyone.
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