Increase Website Traffic – 5 Social Media channels to Use

Mar 12, 2014

Solely relying on Google alone for traffic I must say is dumb. In my opinion along with B2B and B2C is a new way of marketing called P2P (Person-to-Person). Simply put, when people share something on social media sites and their friends or contacts saw it, an immediate trust is established. So here are 5 of the best social media channels to use to increase website traffic. 

Increase website traffic


Most people use Google in conducting online searches, it should makes sense why Google+ should be at your priority list when thinking about linking back to your blog. Make sure to have a Google+ profile for yourself. Join in communities, share valuable information and start growing your followers. Occasionally post links back to your blog posts so you look natural.  Since contributing to the channel helps to increase website traffic, make sure to apply best practices like posting engaging images to boosts +1s and comments on your Google+ profile. Click here for more Google+ tips and tricks.


Facebook is here to stay and this giant social media channel is still one best way to increase website traffic. Create a Facebook page (not profile) for your blog, grow your followers and make sure to post links back to your blog posts on a regular basis.  The same with the way you would post on Google+, use engaging images to boost comments, likes and shares which all contribute in driving traffic to your website.


Imagine the idea of being able to send message to anyone with few characters, who wouldn’t want that? Twitter is one cool social media channel to use together with Google+ and Facebook. Grow your followers by twitting only worth sharing contents, use images as well with link back to your blog. Send tweets directly to people who share the same interest as you. Since Twitter only allows you to share up to 140 characters, use free URL shorteners like and I recently published a blog post about 5 common Twitter mistakes you should avoid.


The social media channel Pinterest isn’t only a great way to share visual content, but also to link back to your blog posts and to increase website traffic.  Most pinterest users are women and so to encourage repins, comments and likes, make a “girly” like images that represent your blog post and use popular tags to encourage discovery.


Though Instagram does not make URLs on images clickable, this popular photo sharing site will help you increase website traffic as well. You do this by putting a link to your website on your Bio, this is the only place where URLs are clickable. The key in making people visit your Instagram profile is to share cool photos using filters and properly placing hashtags on your photo description.

On your next blog post make sure to grab its URL, make a compelling image and share it with these five social media channels to start increasing your website traffic. 

If you don’t have the time and energy to do this I suggest you hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your Social Media sites. Contact me and let me help you find the right VA for you.

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