Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Jul 3, 2013

Have you ever visited your website using an iPhone or iPad ? Did it fit the smaller screen or did you have to scroll left and right to view the entire website? Or worse, was it distorted?

With so many people using smart phones and tablet computers having a mobile compatible website for your business or brand is not an option but a must. Most people have an average attention span of 7 seconds when surfing online. Having a distorted website on a mobile device is like telling your visitor to “Hit the back button and get outta there!”.

Mobile friendly website

So the best way to keep your website visitor happy is to design your website in a way that it is mobile compatible. Web developers call this feature “responsive”, well the term “responsive” explains it all. If you are seeing this post on a PC or laptop the best way to check if it is responsive is to click on the Maximize button to make the window smaller and/or larger. If this website fits your screen no matter what size the window is then you can be sure that it is mobile responsive.

The following images may help you better understand what I am trying to say here. The portrait image is also how it looks on an iPhone and other related gadgets.

Mobile Device Compatible Website

Responsive Website

Checkout how your website looks on mobile device using this nifty online tool mobiletest.

If you want a responsive (mobile device compatible) website just like mine please DO give me a call or hit me up by clicking here and I’d be very happy to assist you.

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