How to Build an Effective Link Wheel

Jul 2, 2013

Here is a Link Wheel blueprint for your Link building campaign.

The original way of creating a linkwheel is you basically create accounts and post blog posts on popular web 2.0 sites that has one link pointing to each other using anchor text and another link pointing to the main site. If you are not familliar on how to create an anchor text, here is a sample:

link wheel

Now the main site is usually called the money site, this could be your website where you sell your stuff or probably an affiliate site where you promote other people’s products.
The most popular web 2.0 sites to use in creating link wheel are the following:

  • Squidoo
  • Hubpages
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

Aside from the fact that it helps your link building a lot more natural, these web 2.0 sites are well loved by Google and other search engines. Making these sites pass the SEO juice and the authority to your money site.
To better understand how to create a link wheel, see the image below:
link wheel

Some things to keep in mind in creating a link wheel:
1. Only post unique content on each Web 2.0 sites.

One cool tip to have original content is to use an article spinner software, (I recommend The Best Spinner Software) or hire an article writer instead to write for you original and quality articles.

2. Use a vareity of keywords for your anchor texts.

They cannot be 100% exactly the same. Do a keyword research and use other keywords that are related to your main keyword. This must look natural. Use Google Keyword Tool, it is free.

Give this a try and see the change in your website’s ranking in just a couple of days. Oh did I mentioned that these web 2.0 properties are all free? Yes you can actually visit these sites right now and create your profile in less than a few minutes. Or contact me today I’ll create a link wheel for you. Just send your keywords and you’ll soon receive our link wheel report in your inbox.

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