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Jul 18, 2012

Let’s go straight to the reason you visited this site. On this post you will learn how you can start making money online through your blog. And if you do not blog, I have one advice and it’ll be a short one, start blogging!

Google Adsense is on top of the list when we talk about making money online, specially blogging. Adsense is a PPC (pay per click) program of the giant Google. Basically this is how the Adsense program works; an advertiser asks Google to put their ads – banners and links, on search results, emails, youtube videos and blogs. Once a visitor of that particular blog clicked on the ads (the Adsense), Google will then automatically be paid by the advertiser and a certain amount of percentage is given to the owner of the blog where the clicking was done. You mean that’s just it!? Yes, that’s just it!

See images below for samples of Google Adsense.

Adsense on Gmails

Adsense on Gmails

Make Money Online Philippines

Adsense on Google Search Results

Make Money Online Philippines

Adsense on Blogs

Applying for a Google Adsense Account

  1. Before you apply for an Adsense account, writing original and quality blog posts must be your first priority. Flooding your blog with engaging contents will give it lots of Google love, meaning Google will trust and index your blog, making it visible to the search engines. Write at least for a month before applying for an account.
  2. Once the above step is done then you can now apply for an Adsense account by visiting and filling up the application form. Wait for a couple of days, sometimes even weeks and be patient, a confirmation will be send through your email address.
  3. When your application has been approved, you can then select for the type of ads that you feel like using. Customize ads depending on how you want them to appear. You will be given codes which need to be paste at the backend of your blog.

How to get visitors on your blog and make them click on your Google Adsense

  • Make your blog popular by sharing your links to your Facebook friends or twit about it. Join other social media sites and forums where you will likely find people that will be interested in what your blog has to offer. Observe what these people are doing and know what they care about. Give value by joining conversations, answering questions or giving away free stuff. Then strategize how you will lead them to visit your blog in not a “selly” manner. Keep in mind that the internet is all about information and not a sari-sari store. People buy from people, they buy on trust.
  • Proper positioning of ads boosts clicks. A study concluded that the most clicked ads are the ones that are on the top left side of the windows of our computer screens. This is because we read from left to right. We likely to give more attention to stuff that are on the left side. The second are the ones in the middle mainly because due to our short internet attention span, most of us are lazy enough to read an entire article, we tend to click on those banners or links that are in the middle. And the least are the ones placed at the bottom part of the blog. See the image below for reference.

how to make money online Philippines

How people click Google Ads

  • Designing your Google Ads with colors that blends with your blog is a big factor in getting more clicks as well. Doing this makes your visitors believe that those ads are part of your blog.


There are those that are so greedy and foolish enough to click the ads on their own blogs. Well you and I know how smart Google is right. She is so smart that she can track how long a person stayed in a particular website or blog or article. She is so smart that she can trace how many visitors a blog is having every minute. Google is so smart that she knows what a “fake” click is. And if you do those “fake” clicks or asked a friend to do that for you, your Adsense account will surely be banned and might never have one again.

Blogging has been the coolest way to express thoughts and ideas these days other than Facebooking and Twitting. What made it more cooler is that you can make passive income streams too using Google Adsense. Hey remember the advice given above, start a blog!

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