Start Small While Thinking BIG

Oct 17, 2013

In my previous post I mentioned how important it is to think big to achieve big. However for some, their big ambitions may be overwhelming that leads them to just stop dreaming. Don’t be overwhelmed, read on!

“A miles of journey starts with a small single step.”

The same goes with any worth pursuing activities – job, career, health, relationship etc. There is no short cut to achieving big just like there is no magic pills for someone to lose weight over night. But you can start by doing small and simple steps while keeping your big goals in mind.

Start Small

If you don’t START you’ll never going to do it and you are not going anywhere. Start small, yes, but the¬†key is to start. Start with something! It may be as simple as saving 20 Pesos a day until you have the enough capital needed to start a business or waking up 20 minutes earlier than your usual morning routine to get rid of your laziness.

It’s very usual to feel uncomfortable or nervous at first but you have got to start to get where you wanted to go and be a little bit closer to what you want to achieve. Make a resolution with your self that you will start making small steps forward. Exercise your faith that when you give your best, one step at a time, you will find success. You will never know until you try.

Break it Down

To get started, do a breakdown of what steps to make. Breaking your big goal to smaller chunks will help you realize that your goal is not that really hard to achieve not it is impossible. You can do it by mapping your goal, grab a white board or a paper, write, draw or scribble your goals anyway you want it. Look at the big picture, ponder or ask for advice and ideas will flow in your mind. You will find which areas that need more of your attention or which one that can be done later. This will also help you be prepared for future challenges you might encounter along the way.

Be Consistent

After your first step you will feel the excitement and the thrill of facing something new. However excitement doesn’t always last long and the thrill also fades specially when you are faced with difficulties unless you consistently do what ought to do.

“We are what we repeatedly do” -Anon

Being consistent with your small steps will not only will make you closer to your goals but will also serve as your teacher. Doing things consistently will mold your character. What you consistently do will be a part of you and in the end you will be thankful that you chose to do it over and over again.


Thinking big is but a start. Success and big things does not happen over night but IT CAN BE ACHIEVED by consistently making the effort one step at a time.

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