Tips on Finding a Web Design Client

Jul 21, 2013

If you are a freelance web designer like me chances are you have already experienced weeks and to some even months of not being able to find a web design client. Marketing your web design service is easier said than done, however do not feel frustrated whenever seasons like this come. Keep your heads up I’ve got here some of the best places you will want to checkout to look for your next web design project.


volunteerNon-profits such as local churches, charity foundations and groups that are running a cause most of the time are in need of professional web design help, but almost always they never have a budget. From my experiences these kinds of organizations only ask for very basic type of website with a Home, About, Contact and Donate page. Now that’s not really painful don’t you think to earn little or nothing in exchange for your service. Helping these kind of organizations will gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent, you just gain yourself a marketing arm. If it’s a free work leaving a link or badge back to your business website will sure work.

Small Local Businesses

Not too many small businesses (SMBs) understand yet the value of having their business online. Give them a visit and offer to share your knowledge on how Internet Marketing works and why having a website is necessary in this day of age for almost every businesses. If you’ve got them listening to what you have to say, chances are they will be your client at the end of your speech.

small business

A quick tip in finding local businesses;

  • Do a search on FourSquare for existing businesses near you and see if they already have a website and pay them a visit.
  • Grab those old Yellow pages they still work like a charm in helping you find local business.

Photographers and Models

This don’t need much explanations since you may already be aware that photographers and models need portfolios to showcase their works. Having their own websites with elegant design instead of using Flickr and other free storage services will make them look more professional and will make it easy for their clients to find them.

Your current and former clients.

With all the above ideas there is no other strategy that is more effective than the power of the word of mouth. Happy and satisfied clients are most likely to tell their friends and contacts about the awesome service you gave them, this happens almost always automatically. However, don’t just wait, ask for referrals. You can also ask for referrals from your former clients.

Your competitors.

Now this might sound odd but dang it works. Competition doesn’t always means rivalry, being friends with your competition will make you busy. There are times when a competition will not be able to accommodate numbers of clients and you being around they might send some into your table.

happy client

Alright that wraps this post up. You may have other strategies that worked for you in finding client for your web design service, please feel free to add them here by commenting below. Good luck with your project hunting.

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