What makes a Good Logo for Business

Mar 21, 2014

The logo is the name, trademark or symbol of a brand. It’s the very first thing that customers remember as a sign of a particular business. If I mention the word “coffee” a Star Bucks logo immediately appears in some people’s minds, that’s how powerful logos are! What makes a good logo then?

Summarized below are four fundamental principles that businesses can refer to when it comes to designing a logo.

  • Make an Analysis: Don’t rush into creating a business logo. Make an analysis first of the business’ values and its target customers. Are your customers professionals? Then you might want a logo design that is simple, bold and sharp. Or if your customers are little kids, then you may want a logo that is colorful and shiny. See the image below for samples:

makes a Good Logo

Decide what message you want to relay through your logo.

  • Easy to remember: The best logo design leaves a memorable impression on the customer’s mind. Use fonts that are clear so identifying it is easy. Carefully choose unique color scheme to avoid confusion with other logos or products. Keep this in mind – make your logo look good in black & white and it will surely look good in any other colors.
  • Simple: A simple logo conveys a clear message and creates the positive image of your business in customer’s mind. Crowded and busy logos are difficult to understand and divert viewer’s attention.
  • Unique: Above anything else your logo must be unique, meaning it doesn’t look anything like other business’ logo, it must stand out from the crowd. Copied logo creates confusion in customer’s mind and may result in loss of sales. Don’t settle for an ordinary design and don’t overdo it with complicated details as well.

Deciding on what logo to use for your business is a must, and it’s not hard. However, it needs time and careful thinking as to how you want it to look.

In any case, you need help in deciding how your logo should look like, hire me by clicking here. Below are some logos I designed for happy clients.


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