4 Non-Spammy Ways to Promote Your Business on Social Media

Oct 19, 2018

Business experts say to promote your business on social media.. but wait. Have you been out in public when someone randomly gave you a flyer, and you mindlessly accepted it. The next thing you knew you were in a booth and spent 30 minutes listening to the sales agent explain about a product you were not really interested in. It happened to me once, and it was not a pleasant experience. However, this is the same thing we do to our audience in social media when we bombard them with too many “salesy” contents. Instead of being attracted to your brand, they’ll likely do the opposite

While it is true that marketing is important for business success, you have to learn how to market your business without being too pushy and spammy. Here are four ways you can do to promote your business on social media without it being too obvious.

1. Don’t Mention Your Business Too Much

Do you know of people who only talk about themselves? It pretty annoying, right? You tend to ignore them. It’ll probably the same reaction your business will get from people if you do the same, talk about your business all the time. Occasional posts and links are perfectly fine but do not become preoccupied with promoting your business with literally EVERY SINGLE opportunity you’ll get.

What you can do instead is too subtly build your brand trust by sharing other contents that offer value to your audience. If you do this, your audience will not think that it’s “all business” for you, but there’s a genuine desire to connect with them.


2. Be Helpful

Writer Jeff Goin said that a platform that helps people “attracts an audience and keeps them coming back.” And he’s one hundred percent right. There’s a reason why “How-to” articles are popular and generate site traffics. When you provide valuable information or simply answer questions, people remember your business better. Next time, they will come to you to find what they need. There’s nothing you can lose when you try to help others. As Jean-Luc Vanhulst once said, “If a Michelin star chef gives you his recipe, that won’t make you a great cook. Sharing generously shows confidence and industry leadership.


3. Share Valuable Content

If you want people to value your business, then you’ve got to give them value first. From your business description down to your posts, make sure that the information you share is useful and will help your audience enhance their knowledge and understanding. People are more likely to pay when they know they can get value out of a product or service. Understand that valuable contents need not only come from you. Don’t be afraid to share articles and posts made by others. It doesn’t take away any brownie points from you. If any, it helps you establish your authority because you direct people in the right direction by providing useful contents.


4. Focus on Audience

For your business to succeed it should satisfy people’s needs and wants. You can always make an awesome product or offer an excellent service, but they would be for naught if no one wants to buy and avail them. Do your homework and learn about your clients and potential customers. Interact on social media by asking questions and posting engaging contents. This exercise will give you a better insight into your audience’s minds and will let you direct your business further.

Promoting a business on social media doesn’t need to be always upfront – and worse spammy. Apply the suggestions above and you will never appear desperate for clients.

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