How to disable the video Auto-play on Facebook?

If you are like me who are annoyed by the auto-playing videos on your Facebook then this video tutorial will help you. Whether you are using a laptop or a tablet, the steps are the same: 1. Click the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.                    ...

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Finally: Now You Can Edit Captions on Instagram

It happens to the best of us. You’ve crafted the perfect Instagram caption along with carefully selected hashtags. And then you spot it: You used “your” instead of “you’re.” You have two options: Delete and repost, or let it slide? Thankfully that conundrum is a thing...

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Five Web Design Ideas for Startups

As a business owner having an outstanding website is an integral piece in establishing your brand. As a website designer for over four years let me share with you five web design ideas for startups. 1. Keep it simple and direct As a new business, you are poking your...

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Introducing Instagram’s Hyperlapse

So Instagram just released its new iOS app called Hyperlapse. Yes it is sad to say that the app is only available for iOS but I'm pretty sure there'll be one made for android users. As for someone who make money making videos I think that this app is really cool. I...

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Facebook Page had a Facelift

Have you seen the Facebook page's latest look yet. Yes, it has happened again, the giant social media site made a face lift that will surely affect your brand's page. If we'll talk about its look, I must say that I like it. Time for a change eh? It's a lot sleeker,...

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