How to Download Images from a Shared Google Docs

Sep 7, 2018

This post is for my fellow website designers, or I guess for anyone that needs to know this simple technique on how to download images from a shared Google Docs.

Every now and then I’d have clients that ask me to use images that they pasted on Google Docs. When ever this happens I simply just ask them to use DropBox or Google Drive instead. And although most of the time they would do that, there are those that feel that it is too much of a work, which I perfectly understand.

Make it Easier for the Clients

Yes, people hire me to build their websites, but I’m also well aware that my work is more than just building websites. I work in a service industry and I should be making things a lot easier for my clients so they can focus on what they do best, running their businesses. I seldom ask them to re-upload files, instead, I proactively proceed in doing the following:

  1. I make a copy of the Google Doc. The reason for this is so that I don’t mess with my client’s original file.
  2. I make the image larger or at least to the maximum size that Google Doc can handle. This is so I can have the highest of a quality of that image as possible when I download it.
  3. I make the document live on the web by publish it. To do that:
    • Go to FILE
    • On the pop up window click PUBLISH
    • Grab the public link
    • Paste it on a different browser
  4. I download the image to my computer. (And put the Google Doc back into private mode.)

Below are the screenshots for reference:

Here’s a video tutorial:

It’s that easy.

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