Can You Really Make Money Online?

Jul 14, 2012

Most of us here in the Philippines are reluctant about the term make money online, I said “us” because I too once felt that way. Some factors that made you and I acted this way can be;

  1. You or someone you know must have been a victim of online scams.
  2. You do not trust those shiny advertisements and websites with dollars everywhere falling from the sky.
  3. You must have tried some strategies but never really made a penny or singkong butas and finally gave up.
  4. The subject is just too good to be true.
  5. Making money online has never really been discussed during our high school and college days.

Whichever among the above mentioned reasons made you believe that making money online is nothing but a myth and pure lies, well I cannot blame you and let me comfort you by telling you a quiet secret, are you ready? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

But here is the fudge, the truth is YOU CAN REALLY MAKE DECENT AMOUNT OF MONEY ONLINE. This is the very purpose of this blog – help you realize and believe this fact.

So for the first post this blog will give, we will take a look at some people who are making serious amount of cash online, some of them even make a living online.

Carl Ocab

This guy is known as the kid blogger, why you might ask, because Carl started making money online when he was just 13 years old. He started learning the industry back when he was challenged by his father to make better use of his time in front of the computer than playing online games all day. Google the term “making money online” and you will surely find his website on the 2nd result if not on top (pretty soon this blog will wipe him off of the search result lolx) How does he gets CHACHING!!! online, he promotes affiliate products and sells ad space on his blog. And some years ago this kid blogger has already launch his own product, a WordPress theme that he himself designed. His website is

Chris Angeles

This guy is also a filipino making 6 digits (in $) every transactions he is having online. What he does is he sells silicon ballers that are made in china with his customers from the US and other western countries. His office or workplace, his iPhone (and probably his iPad too) that he brings with him anywhere. Now how sweet is that for an office. His website is

Chris Ducker

A british guy that fell in love with our country. Chris had been in Cebu for more than a decade now, has 300 plus Filipino employees and is running a podcast that is being visited by online entrepreneurs to learn new things from him regarding outsourcing to the Philippines and other making money online strategies. Chris’ podcast website

Pat Flynn

Now you will sure be proud to know that Pat is half filipino (yeah raise that Pinoy pride my homies!!!) Pat is well known for sharing internet marketers and bloggers his strategies in making passive income streams online. He is actually known as the “smart passive income” guy. Visit his website at, listen to his podcasts and read his meaty blogs to learn how he is making “passive” money online.

These 4 and many other individuals who are making money online has been an example and inspiration to me of why I also decided to make a living online. Let me tell you briefly how I am doing it.

It suffice to say that I am an online contractor. I get online employers and outsource the work to my team who are working in my home-office, works such as data entry, SEO, blog posting, managing social media accounts and sometimes designing websites.

So there you have it! Some, if not all, of these people and websites may not be familiar to you but hey they are making serious $$$ online. Go visit their websites to learn more of them and be inspired by them. Hey before I forgot, you can even become virtual friends with them and if lucky, meet these people in person. To do that, leave sensible  comments on their blog posts or podcast episodes. I personally met Chris Ducker (see picture image below) once through a training here in Makati, because I had been following him online, and I am telling you that I even brought my team members with me to sit in that seminar and we have gained new light on how we can better do home based jobs.

making money online philippines

My wife and I attended one of Chris Ducker’s training in Makati

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