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How Much is a Website?

All websites are unique as all businesses should be. So when asking how much is a website? you will likely get different responses from different developers. However, to give you an idea of how much money you have to shell out, here are some factors you have to...

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Samantha Hannah – Membership Website Project

WHEN PEOPLE ASK SAM WHAT SHE DOES FOR A LIVING, HER REPLY: “I’m life coach, yoga teacher and personal stylist who teaches women how to live with more love and less fear”. And when it comes to life-styling, she's the real deal. She've got over 9 years experience as a...

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The Awareness School – VA & Landing Pages Project

Molly is the Founder of The Awareness School where she teaches self awareness and meditation through yoga and public speaking. I met Molly through a Facebook group where I saw her post about needing a Virtual Assistant who knows Divi and who has "the eye" in good...

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Some of you may have already noticed that I removed the HostGator banner off this blog. The reason for that is because I have had enough of HG's crappy support. Imagine waiting up to two hours for a chat support person to attend to your request. It happened to me more...

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